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EMR Support

Helpdesk Service: Expertise On Call

Platinum’s Helpdesk professionals are solution oriented. Our service provides you with immediate access to our highly trained professionals any time. An integral part of the service function, Platinum’s Helpdesk Service brings multiple resources to solve your technical issues.

On-Site Contract Support

The services available at Platinum are comprehensive and flexible. You will receive responsive, cost-effective, knowledgeable IT customer service. Select from monthly or hourly support contracts to maximize your IT savings. Non-contract customers can cheerfully receive our same prompt service on a COD basis.

When it comes to repair, we recognize that every company has its own unique sense of urgency; that is why Platinum is ready to provide the response times demanded to keep today’s critical business systems up and running. Our staff has instant access to our network of professionals for immediate answers.

Secure Remote Management

Platinum’s remote management systems can instantaneously assist your business – which means we have the capability of substantially resolving all encountered service issues remotely, without requiring an on-site dispatch. Our remote management abilities ensure that you can quickly access our expertise in a wide variety of operating systems and vital technical services.

Set up a customized schedule of regular technical support with Platinum’s team of experts. We are ready to assist you with:
Day to day administration
Installing applications
Certifying backups
Monitoring systems
Resolving network challenges
Disaster recovery
On-call technical support

Pro-Active Monitoring (PAM)

Minute-by-minute Platinum electronically monitors your servers and will proactively investigate any ports/services, programs that stop responding by alerting our helpdesk. We can monitor and test numerous items, including any Windows Service or Linux Daemons, HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DNS, SSH, FTP Logins, Router paths, CPU utilization, hard drive space, number of connections. We can always create custom program to watch over anything unique to your network.

Interval Audit Service (IAS)

While we believe in automation and technology, sometimes you just can't beat a real human being! This service provides a professional auditor who meticulously checks essential components of your servers at an interval of your choice after business hours. This frees you up to do what you do best and lets our IT professionals do what they do best...keep your system healthy. Any suspicious errors or abnormal activity are promptly referred to technicians for followup. The components included in the check are:

  • status of backups
  • disk freespace
  • health of disks
  • apply critical operating system updates including restart of server
  • insure antivirus definitions and scans are current
  • report of any unusual antivirus activity
  • check event viewers for unusual errors

An optional service included in IAS is checking your connected workstations for critical updates on a quarterly or semiannual basis. If a workstation appears to be operating sluggishly during this check, the auditor does a disk cleanup and sometimes a defrag so your machines are optimized. This minimizes emergency calls on both the servers as well as the workstations.

A single server audit usually takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on whether a restart is required and can be requested on a weekly, semi weekly or monthly basis.  A small investment that has paid off for many of our customers!

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